I stood before my eager Listeners, introduced myself, talked a little about World Book Day, how happy I was to have been invited to share the day with them, and that I had made my formal book announcement for “The Blueberry Monster” just down the road at the Townhall during the Festival of the Dead. As I was gifting the two schools and the Library with copies of my book, for World Book Day, I thought it would be fun to Tell the original story – as it was written as an Oral Tale – then have the children spend time afterwards reading the book and seeing if they could spot the differences and additions made to the story as it was translated from Oral to Written. The children were excited by the idea. I told the Tale of The Blueberry Monster, Lorcan the Lamb and His Woolly Coat, Lorcan the Lamb and The Shearing and Lorcan the Lamb meets Saoirse the Fairy. I took the breath of the story in and the words came out. They flowed like a river, calm in places and roaring in others, ever flowing. I was completely one with the Story. I had escaped into it, was moving through it and it through me and my Listeners were travelers on the rivers waters. There is an amazing thing that happens in Storytelling when you Bring A Story To Life. You and your Listeners become living participants in the story, moving with it and shaping it – each Telling is slightly different to any other Telling – it is a Living Entity. A Telling like this is, to me, a Perfect Telling, a Living Story come to life; the Storyteller is the Guide to the Listeners exploration. The children were wonderful participants, lively, imaginative, excellent listeners and exuberant engagers. The energy of the room was electric and allowed all of us there that day to escape; escape into a Story, escape into the other worlds Stories provide. I will always hold in my heart the happiness at my brave decision not to cancel, but rather to follow my heart and board the bus to Cavan, to escape to Cavan, to escape into a Story. Of note, are the sumptuous, large scale paintings of scenes from Jonathan Swifts “Gulliver’s Travels”, painted by Irish Artist and Illustrator P.J. Lynch, hanging in the Library; perhaps beckoning us to enjoy a visual-escape and climb inside the painting, interacting with the scene playing out? The photograph is courtesy of Johnston Central Library in Cavan Town.

Published by dmarieawyahoocom

Daria Marie Walsh is a Storyteller and Creative Being - A Published - Writer, Poet, Author, Photographer and Voice Artist, Recording Artist, Gallery Exhibited and Collected Photographer, and Radio Broadcaster. Daria Teaches in the Classroom, Workshop and One-to-One Tutoring; she Performs in virtually any setting from a wide variety of Festivals to Libraries, Classrooms, Pubs, Nursing Homes, Active Senior Centres, Event Halls, Womens’ Refugee Centres; to Private Parties such as Communions, Naming Ceremonies, Birthdays and Family Events and Family Holiday/Vacation Evenings; to the more unusual which include Art Galleries and Studio’s, Boats and Piers, Green Earth Centres and even The Dublin Zoo – performing and working with - all ages and abilities from tiniest Seeds up to the Ripest Fruit on the Vine. The Covid-19 Era has required adaptation, to which, Daria has started Performing her Stories and Poetry in the Virtual Portal; with plans to extend this to further adapt.

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