The Call came from Cavan County Libraries asking if I would come and perform, in my capacity as a Storyteller, for World Book Day – 5th March. As I spoke to the Librarian I was given over to my desire to say ‘yes’ to the Invitation, and so I did. I have a long standing affinity with County Cavan. It was where I stayed with friends the first time I travelled to Ireland, a holiday/vacation that would prove pivotal in my life’s direction. I exhibited several of my Photographs taken in County Cavan, well received they have gone on to hang on Gallery walls and in Collectors homes. I made the formal announcement, launching my first book “The Blueberry Monster” at the Festival of the Dead in Cavan Town. County Cavan is like a long thread traversing through my Tapestry. How could I have guessed it was about to embroider another pivotal stitch, in the tableau.

I became hesitant as the day approached, to the point that I considered cancelling. Something was calling me and I decided to follow my heart. I boarded the DART into town, that World Book Day morning, with trepidation and a great deal of caution; every item mindfully packed. I boarded my bus to Cavan and said good-bye to the dirty streets of Dublin. Once out of the city the calming effect of the countryside passing by my window started to take hold. I daydreamed, I napped, I snacked and soon I was pulling into Cavan Town. I noted how dramatically it had changed since the first time I laid eyes on it all those years ago. The bus depot and the attached restaurant, although, had altered very little. I found that extremely comforting. As the bus had arrived late, I made haste up road to the beautiful Johnston Central Library, the wheels on my carry-bag rattling behind me, my walking stick clickety-clacking in front of me. I arrived, made my hellos, took three deep breaths and walked into the spacious and bright room filled with eager Listeners. The theme of ‘SHARE A STORY’ was particularly warm and engaging. It beckoned to all to ‘Share A Story For 10 Minutes Today’; if I could wish a wish, it would be that everyone take 10 minutes out of every day to ‘Share A Story’. I believe such an act of sharing would bring a great happiness and kindness to the world, restoring an ounce each day of our Humanity and weaving us tighter together in common understanding and experience.

Published by dmarieawyahoocom

Daria Marie Walsh is a Storyteller and Creative Being - A Published - Writer, Poet, Author, Photographer and Voice Artist, Recording Artist, Gallery Exhibited and Collected Photographer, and Radio Broadcaster. Daria Teaches in the Classroom, Workshop and One-to-One Tutoring; she Performs in virtually any setting from a wide variety of Festivals to Libraries, Classrooms, Pubs, Nursing Homes, Active Senior Centres, Event Halls, Womens’ Refugee Centres; to Private Parties such as Communions, Naming Ceremonies, Birthdays and Family Events and Family Holiday/Vacation Evenings; to the more unusual which include Art Galleries and Studio’s, Boats and Piers, Green Earth Centres and even The Dublin Zoo – performing and working with - all ages and abilities from tiniest Seeds up to the Ripest Fruit on the Vine. The Covid-19 Era has required adaptation, to which, Daria has started Performing her Stories and Poetry in the Virtual Portal; with plans to extend this to further adapt.

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