I open this New Blog in the moment, and at this moment I am a Covid-19 Captive. It has been about five months since the deadly virus landed upon our shores; five months am I a Covid-19 Captive. My life has changed, barely noticeable in some ways and quite dramatically in others, for the foreseeable future and possibly forever. While everything has come undone, I have endeavored to adapt. I have several serious health problems and have had some very close calls with death, as a result I am in the High Risk Category for contracting, and if contracted dying from, Covid-19. This harsh reality has meant that I have had to take extreme precautions to keep safe and healthy throughout this Pandemic, in the five months since Covid-19 landed upon our shores engulfing Ireland, as it has the world. Part of these extreme precautions are what the Irish Government termed ‘Cocooning’, which is to wrap ourselves in self-care and self-containment. To which, I found myself contained in my Apartment in the small Fishing Village of Howth; a Peninsula on the East Coast of the Republic of Ireland stretching itself out into the Irish Sea. I am an avid Walker and Hiker, living in Howth is a joy to any such soul. I took this Photograph on, what would become, one of my last Seaside Walks. It was late February and Ireland was collectively holding its breath as it kept watch outwards hoping to be spared the inevitable visit of the virus Covid-19, responsible for the global Pandemic. As I pondered beginning this new Blog, my mind could not escape this Photograph. Sitting upon a clump of rock at the outer base of the East Pier, this Pied Wagtail, is keeping a keen eye outward on the raging waters of the Irish Sea in a Springtide storm. The tiny Bird was all of us.

Published by dmarieawyahoocom

Daria Marie Walsh is a Storyteller and Creative Being - A Published - Writer, Poet, Author, Photographer and Voice Artist, Recording Artist, Gallery Exhibited and Collected Photographer, and Radio Broadcaster. Daria Teaches in the Classroom, Workshop and One-to-One Tutoring; she Performs in virtually any setting from a wide variety of Festivals to Libraries, Classrooms, Pubs, Nursing Homes, Active Senior Centres, Event Halls, Womens’ Refugee Centres; to Private Parties such as Communions, Naming Ceremonies, Birthdays and Family Events and Family Holiday/Vacation Evenings; to the more unusual which include Art Galleries and Studio’s, Boats and Piers, Green Earth Centres and even The Dublin Zoo – performing and working with - all ages and abilities from tiniest Seeds up to the Ripest Fruit on the Vine. The Covid-19 Era has required adaptation, to which, Daria has started Performing her Stories and Poetry in the Virtual Portal; with plans to extend this to further adapt.

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